Roshek is on!

Our Roshek Campus officially kicked-off on June 5, 2016! We're excited to have a place for 24/7 ministry and would love to have you join us in our newly renovated 13,100 square foot space.


We are continually working on the space to make enhancements to suit our current and upcoming needs, to keep you updated on progress, we have created a Construction Update blog where we’ll post pictures and information on the enhancement.


We had our public Grand Opening on August 28, 2016 where we celebrated with a ribbon cutting, fellowship, food, and special guests.


To find out more about all three phases & our future plans, visit our Master Plan page for more information, along with proposed floor plans for each phase. 


As we continue our mission of helping people connect with God, we believe that God will use our Roshek Campus to draw more people into relationship with Him and we hope you’ll join us on our journey!


Master Plan

The Roshek Campus Master Plan is broken down into three phases. The initial phase is roughly double the space we currently have on the University Campus & will allow us to have 24/7 access with room to grow. The subsequent phases will occur as growth supports them & we will eventually have total space that rivals the Kennedy Campus. This new permanent location will free up energy that is currently being spent every week setting up & tearing down the University Campus & it will allow us to expand to offer midweek ministries to better meet the needs of those attending the Roshek Campus.


Phase 1 provides 13,100 square feet, including a worship center with seating capacity equal to our Kennedy Campus along with children’s spaces somewhat larger than our current University Campus. Campus Pastor, Mark Smith will have an office on the new Roshek Campus & there will be spaces for multi-purpose use with room for Bible studies, counseling & just hanging out in community with each other.


Phase 2 expands into another 9,300 square feet. The Master Plan has been created to allow us to readily repurpose the Phase 1 children’s spaces into offices & conference room spaces. Children’s spaces will move into additional leased space & expand to more & larger rooms to accommodate growth on the Roshek Campus. Restroom capacity will also be added in Phase 2.

As growth supports it, Phase 3 expands into an additional 6,200 square feet which will provide additional, larger multi-purpose spaces & class rooms.


When Phase 3 is complete, the Roshek Campus will have a total of 28,600 square feet compared to 36,375 square feet of space on our Kennedy Campus.


Phase 1, 2 & 3 Floor Plans



What is “multi-site”?
Hope Church is a multi-site church – that just means that we are one church with multiple locations. There are currently over 8,000 multi-site churches in the United States & that number is growing. The multi-site approach is an economical way to grow as a church since much of the central service functions do not need to be duplicated for each new location.


When will we launch the Roshek Campus?
We will launch weekend services at the Roshek Campus in early June 2016. Currently, we are estimating that will be toward the end of April or early May. As construction progresses, we’ll be developing more specific launch plans.


How will the sermons be delivered?
Matt will preach live at both campuses 50% of the time. We will always communicate which campus Matt will be preaching at so you know. As we currently do, we will continue to record the Saturday evening sermon & use the video-based sermon at the campus Matt is not preaching at live. About 60% of the 8,000 multi-site churches in the United States use video to deliver the weekly sermon. We will continue to focus on making the video experience as high-quality as possible as technology & our skills advance.


Who are Dubuque Initiatives & Gronen Properties?
Dubuque Initiatives is a local non-profit organization that owns the Roshek Building. Their focus is to help revitalize Dubuque & attract businesses & employment. Gronen Properties is the property manager that manages the Roshek Building.


What are our current weekend attendance trends?
Attendance this fiscal year is starting to trend upward again. Most weekends, total attendance across both campuses has exceeded 1,000 & we have been approaching 1,100 total attendance on a few weekends. University Campus attendance has also grown from around 120 to closer to 140 & sometimes pushing 150 on a weekend. We are starting to reach a capacity limit at the University Campus mainly due to the capacity of the worship space. Capacity-wise, we have to focus on 3 main areas: worship center seating, parking & children’s spaces. When any of these areas reach 75-80% of capacity, they start to feel uncomfortably full to new visitors.


Are we adding debt to do this?
No. Our current Kennedy Campus mortgage payments amount to about 11% of the overall general fund budget. The Elder Board has decided not to take on any new, long-term debt.


How will the Roshek Campus be different from the University Campus?
The main difference will be 24/7 access in a permanent location where we currently only have access to the University Campus for about 4 hours on Sunday mornings. This will allow us to offer more ministry opportunities such as MOPS, Kids Club, Celebrate Recovery, Global Leadership Summit & many others at the Roshek Campus.

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