Masks are strongly recommended:

We aren’t trying to make a political statement or infringe on anyone’s rights.  More time together in an enclosed space raises the risk of virus spread, especially with singing.  Wearing masks is about loving and caring for others.  Masks help reduce the possibility of someone who is asymptomatic spreading the virus to others.


Masks and hand sanitizer will be available at our entries for anyone who may need them.  If you are able to bring these with you it would be helpful as mass quantities are limited.


Social Distancing: 

In order to accommodate 6’ social distancing, we are asking each family/friend group to sit together, but leave at least 3 chairs between your group and the next group.  We have removed the reserved seating precaution at this time.


Children & Youth Classes: 

Children & Youth Classes are now open with limited room capacity to accommodate social distancing.



Unfortunately, the café will be closed and we won’t be offering coffee in this Phase.  Please feel free to bring your own with you!



We will have baskets available at the back of the worship spaces if you’d like to support us on mission through giving.  You can also give online which is simple and saves you time.  We will no longer pass baskets down the rows during the services. 



We will continue to observe Communion together once a month.  We will have pre-packaged cups that contain the cracker and juice available to pick up as you enter the worship space.  These will be set out by staff and volunteers wearing masks and gloves.


Social Distancing: 

In order to love and respect each other well, please do your best to practice 6’ social distancing between people and avoid gathering in our foyer spaces before and after services.  As much as we all want to connect with a hug, high-five or a handshake, let’s replace those with a smile and a wave.  You are welcome to connect and chat out in the parking lot.  Across our church family there is a wide spectrum of personal concern.  Let’s care and respect one another well as we navigate this awkward time.

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Please stay home if you or anyone in your household has displayed any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • Fever (higher than 100.4 F)

  • Chills

  • Muscle pain

  • Sore throat

  • New loss of taste or smell


This list is not all possible symptoms of COVID-19.  Other less common symptoms have been reported, including gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.


If you’re not feeling well, please stay home and join us online instead.  Once you and your family members have been symptom-free for 14 days, feel free to join us on-campus.





After each service, high-touch surfaces (door handles, tables, chairs, restroom faucets, etc.) will be wiped down with CDC-approved, low toxicity disinfectant.


Staff and Volunteers Will Wear Masks


Contact-Free Experience: 

Doors will be propped or held open for you and we ask that you do not touch anything you don’t have to.

CDC Guidelines:

CDC guidelines recommend the cleaning of all high touch surfaces and the application of labeled hospital grade disinfectants, including Benefect, to minimize the transmission of emerging viral pathogens including SARS-CoV-2, the surrogate for Covid-19. MB Mold & Air Quality Testing  and SERVPRO of Dubuque have assisted us in developing a process to sanitize surfaces. This product is fully botanical and has no safety restrictions from the EPA. It is a “spray and walk away” product that does not need nor recommend wiping off.

Currently there are no disinfectants or protocols that have been tested by the CDC, specifically for this particular emerging viral pathogen. The CDC is recommending an EPA-registered disinfectant with claims against similar type organisms to SARS-CoV-2 be used. Benefect Decon-30 is one of the products on the EPA approved list. While we believe this protocol is effective to clean and sanitize, we cannot provide
assurances that all pathogens will be eliminated. It is important that you continue to follow CDC’s recommendations found on their website

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