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Next Steps Day 3

How and Why to Read your Bible

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.
2 Timothy 3:16-17

My parents had a saying that was always used around our house. “What you put in is what you get out”. It’s the way my parents taught us the importance of paying attention to what we watched/read or listened to. The statement rings true, what you read affects you - what you put in - comes out. What is it that you fill your mind with? The Bible is God’s written word to us. In it we see His character, we understand His purpose for us, and His love for the world.

As followers of Jesus - we need to know and understand the God who loves us. We need to spend time each day reading His words to us. It is in the Bible that we see and understand the good news. God uses his word to teach us, to show us where we are missing the mark, to help us to follow him. God has not left us alone without instruction, He has given us the Bible - His written word to us.

But how do you read the Bible? It’s just a big confusing book filled with stories and rules. I have tried to read it before and I just don’t get it. We all struggle with this same thing. How do I read the Bible and understand what God is saying? Start small. Take some baby steps. Don’t try to read through the entire Bible in a short period of time. Just read a couple verses at a time, maybe one part of a story. Ask yourself, “what does this verse/story that I read show me about God?” Do you see His patience in the story of Jonah? His mercy with sinful David? Sometimes it is helpful to talk about what you read with others. Pray and ask God to show you a little bit of who He is as you read.

The important thing is not how much you read, it's about the time you spend with God.

Father: Thank you for giving us your written word. Thank you that it is so easily accessible to me. Help me learn to love your word and to depend on it. I ask that you cause me to recognize how much I need you. As I read your word each day I ask you to open my heart to understand your truth, to see you and know you more.

Next Steps Day 3

If you have never given your life to Jesus and would like to know how.  Or you would like to talk with someone from Hope Church, please use this link to let us know and we will follow up with you.

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