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Chicá, Panama

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About Our Partnership

In the fall of 2021, Hope Church began a partnership relationship with Iglesia Bautista Torre Fuerte (Strong Tower Church) in Chicá, Panama under the umbrella of EFCA's Global Fingerprints program. As a church, we have sent short-term missions teams to Chicá and we also currently support 41 children in their neighborhood. The church there connects with these children regularly to help assess and provide for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, all with a focus on sharing the love of Christ and the Good News! It's our goal to grow this relationship to build a true ministry partnership and continue to send short-term teams regularly as we minister together in Panama and in Iowa. We are so blessed and excited to see what God has in store as we grow deeper with them!

July 17-23, 2024 Trip

In July, we’ll be taking a team to travel to 4-5 different sites (including our partner church in Chicá) where children are sponsored through Global Fingerprints. On this trip, we’ll be doing basic medical check-ups and treatment for the children and their families. Because of the nature of this pilot trip, we’ve reached out mostly to people who work in the medical
profession to build the team.


Future trips will come along in 2025. If you have a desire to be part of a trip, please read the Panama Trip Guide (below) completely and then click on “Application” to apply. There will be a background check and interview as part of the process.

January 13-19, 2024 Trip

In January 2024, we sent a team to help the church in Chicá provide a VBS for children as well as assist in continuing the addition on the back of the church. Many people from the church in Chicá volunteered to help with the VBS time where the theme of the week was from Ephesians 2:10. We also helped their construction workers build a larger kitchen and a small bedroom for Pastor Ulises and his wife, Alma. With the addition provided by donations from Hope Church, they will have more space for ministry and additional kitchen space to help feed people during events at their growing church.

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March 4-10, 2023 Trip

In March of 2023 we sent a team to Chicá to do a construction project and connect with the community. The team built an extended roof off the back of the church to create more classroom space, replaced existing roofing, painted and taught a CPR class.

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