We want to move from ROWS to CIRCLES.

We believe that we were made to do life TOGETHER.


Spiritual growth is not linear. Many times we grow when we are faced with day-to-day life challenges & struggles. We believe that being connected to God's word & connected with other Christians in strong relationships is the best way to grow in our faith. Life Groups are small groups of people that meet regularly in someone's home for friendship, Bible study & prayer. Our focus is on sermon-based LifeGroups (that use the weekly Sermon Guide), but we do have more specialized groups, such as Financial Peace University, Men's & Women's Bible studies, and our DivorceCare Group, for women going through separation or divorce.


Hope Wednesdays were created to support parents being involved in Lifegroups. We are stacking our children's ministries all on the same night, and even providing dinner, so you as parents can use Wednesday nights to meet, and do life together around God's Word in Lifegroups. Get more information on our Children's page.



Grouplink is an event we hold 3 times a year, where you can get signed up for a LifeGroup. It is held online throughout the 2-week period as well as at computer kiosks after services.

FALL 2021 GroupLink: Aug 22 thru Sep 5
 WINTER 2022 GroupLink: Jan 2 thru 9 
SPRING 2022 GroupLink: Mar 20 thru 27