Why does it have to be just one night?

Updated: Feb 14

Back in February, we met John Grothjan, the Community Services Director at Area Residential Care (ARC) in Dubuque. John had invited us to visit ARC to learn more about what they do & how they serve the people in our community with special needs. Their mission is “Empowering people with intellectual disabilities to achieve their highest quality of life” & they’ve been doing that for 50 years right here in Dubuque. Toward the end of our time together, John innocently mentioned that the church where he used to live had hosted Night to Shine.

I remember standing in the parking lot at ARC with Ron & Ruth Graper, who lead our SHINE ministry, & thinking we should do this, but wondering if we could pull it off. There were so many questions! Who would help us? Do we even have enough space? How could we do it – we don’t know anything about it? We decided to apply to the Tim Tebow Foundation to see what happened. In June, they accepted Hope Church as a host church for Dubuque – and then the real worrying began! Now we had to pull it off somehow. Now, here we are a few months later with 300 people volunteering to help out & help form ARC, Hills & Dales & Goodwill to make it happen. God is good!

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