Jumping for Joy over more than a Touchdown

Updated: Feb 14

As I write this blog, I am still recovering from heart failure over my Patriots heading to another Superbowl. (Pause for much cheering or cursing)

I am a die hard sports fan of all teams in New England. When the Red Sox finally won their first World Series in 2004, I jumped for joy. There is a hole in my ceiling as proof. I ran outside in the middle of the night running around the ballfield in my back yard yelling and jumping for joy.

I did the same type of thing when the Celtics would win championships and I do the same thing just about every year in February since my Patriots always seem to win the Superbowl. It never gets old. (Bears fans, you will just have to trust me on that one.)

While I have never been able to attend a Patriots game, I am still quite excited watching them on tv. I have been to a few Buffalo Bills games (which I know is not really an NFL game but go with me on this). It was such a cool experience watching people go crazy for their favorite teams.