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5 Things I loved about Night to Shine

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Night to Shine is over, and from all accounts, it was a huge success.

This would have been impossible if not for the many, many, many people who joined together to pull off the first NTS in the Dubuque, Tri-State area.

Here are 5 Things the I loved about Night to Shine...

  1. I loved that all the people who got involved by giving their time, talent and money, came away with a deep sense that whatever sacrifice that had made, it was well worth it. We, hopefully, were a blessing to our guests, but they were an incredible blessing to us.

  2. I loved that everyone was on task, working together, taking the initiative to make the evening these best it could be. Everyone was motivated to serve our guests in any way they could and it showed.

  3. I loved the joy, tears, and happiness expressed by our guests, their parents and our volunteers. There was a lot of positive emotion in our building that Friday night. In a world that sometimes seems brutal and harsh, it was a breath of fresh air.

  4. I loved the reason why many, if not most of our people served our guests... their love for their Lord Jesus Christ. I loved that their faith called them to action and their action was filled with love and compassion.

  5. I loved that our guests had a good time, a great time, an epic time at our Night to Shine event. I loved that we, as a church community were able to pull it off, and to pull it off well.

I will always remember that Friday night, the faces, the smiles, the tears, the dancing, and the joy.

I think that is what Heaven must be like. I think Heaven must have been dancing right along with the rest of us.

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