5 Books I Would Highly Recommend & Why

Updated: Feb 14

I thought in this blog I would give you five books I regularly recommend to people. These are exceptional books that are written by thoughtful authors.

Note: The books are not listed in any particular order, except the first two by Keller.

1. Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical - Tim Keller

We are living in a world that is becoming more and more skeptical. You may have family members who have struggled with reasons to believe in God. Is it possible for a thinking person to believe in God? Keller gives a thoughtful and compelling argument for anyone who is seeking to believe in God without checking their brain at the door. This book is challenging.

“If you say you don’t believe in God but you do believe in the rights of every person and the requirement to care for all the weak and the poor, then you are still holding on to Christian beliefs, whether you will admit it or not. Why, for example, should you look at love and aggression—both parts of life, both rooted in our human nature—and choose one as good and reject one as bad? They are both part of life. Where do you get a standard to do that? If there is no God or supernatural realm, it doesn’t exist.” — Page 47-48

2. The Reason for God - Tim Keller

"Making Sense of God" lays the foundation for "The Reason for God." In this book, Keller deals with the many questions people have about faith, the Bible, suffering and the afterlife. His arguments are thoughtful and robust. Keller maintains a pastoral tone in his writing. This is a great book for a Christian to strengthen their faith. It will also help someone who is seeking after a power higher than themselves.

“The Biblical view of things is resurrection—not a future that is just a consolation for the life we never had but a restoration of the life you always wanted. This means that every horrible thing that ever happened will not only be undone and repaired but will in some way make the eventual glory and joy even greater.” — Page 30

3. Heaven - Randy Alcorn

Alcorn has written one of the most extensive books on the Biblical view of Heaven. This is a wonderful book that helps the Christian dream about what Heaven will be like. He has an engaging style while he answers many of the questions we often ask about Heaven. Alcorn is biblical and theologically sound in his writing. He also writes in an easy style. This is the best book I have read on Heaven, so far.

“Too often we’ve been taught that Heaven is a non-physical realm, which cannot have real gardens, cities, kingdoms, buildings, banquets, or bodies. So we fail to take seriously what Scripture tells us about Heaven as a familiar, physical, tangible place.” — Randy Alcorn, Heaven