Love Notes & Hard Conversations

Updated: Feb 14

This is such a busy time of year, and I seem to forget to leave space for the hard stuff. So it always sneaks up on me, and then I am feeling lost and angry. I really should be prepared for this every year. It is the holidays - the time of year for joy, peace and happiness. But in reality, it is a hard time for some people and transition is difficult. Not everyone loves the holidays like I do, and EVERY year I forget that.

Lately, I feel tired and have the "I just don't want to" attitude. I don't want to deal with the hard stuff or have the hard conversations. I want to skate through the holidays all merry and bright!

I wake in the night worried that if I approach the hard conversations I will come off as judgmental. Or lose a friend over it. I am shedding tears over the heartbreak of friends and choices they have made. God has given me the gift of having empathy, but is it a gift? Really?!!!