Thankful for the Scars

Updated: Feb 14

As I was casually listening to music the other day, I heard this song that stopped me in my tracks:

Listening closely to the lyrics, this is my story! This is a perfect way to illustrate the journey I’ve been on with Jesus this last year. I think it’s easy to assume this song is about being born again and turning from an old life, and it can be… but I will tell you what… there is no ARRIVAL in the Christian life. It is forever a process of surrender and having to relearn His faithfulness, His mercies and His heart.

At Hope Church we talk about “Believe, Belong, Become” a lot from stage. We strive to BELIEVE in Jesus Christ, find a place to BELONG in a meaningful community and a path to BECOME more and more like Christ as your life is transformed.

This is part of my life-long process of surrender to BECOME more like Jesus: