Finding "us" Time

Updated: Feb 14

Wow! Another summer has flown by, and school will be starting soon. This summer I was determined to be more intentional with my time. I wanted to be present with my family and 3 little neighbor girls. I would work at night so I could spend more time with the girls, and since my hubby works at night it worked. We spent time at the pool, park, Bible study and plenty of slumber parties. I would say it has been a success.

But I was not successful at spending time with my husband. He works 2 jobs, so it's difficult to find "us" time. I shared this with a girl friend and she shared with me that they had started praying together EVERY night! She said, "We have a book that we use, and it has made it easy, but it has really connected us." Hmm, I thought, really??

finding "us" time