Finishing 2021 Well...

Updated: Feb 14

2021 is far from over… but is it? As of today, there are 57 days left in the year. In some passing conversations I’ve heard this next season coming up not only being labeled as the “Holiday Season,” but the “Busy Season.” During the next two months we practice thankfulness and celebrate Jesus! These are truly the best times! However, sometimes through the endless list of tasks to be done, school, sports seasons starting or ending, or the demands of our workplace to meet year-end goals, we can lose sight of what matters most.

Often times when we are busy with the demands that life throws our way, we set aside the most important things. Things like time with God or quality time with those around us. What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if we look to prioritize our time with God and those around us throughout what could be the “Busy Season?” This might look like re-arranging schedules, re-setting our priorities, or even saying “no” to some good things. All this in effort to keep our focus fixed on what matters most.