My Fixer Upper

Updated: Feb 14

Seven years ago my wife and I bought a fixer upper. Now when I say fixer upper, I mean it in the best possible way, a house with “good bones” that just needed some help. We have an amazing house, big enough for our rambunctious family of 6, a great yard for the kids to play, and space that gives the ability to host people in our house. It’s a great place, but it is still a fixer upper. We are constantly reminded of the work that needs to be done. Our project list is big and feels like it keeps growing. There are the floors that need to be addressed throughout the whole house, the bathrooms that need to be redone, kitchen cabinets that are breaking, the yard that needs to be reclaimed, etc. Not to mention repairing the things that get damaged from normal wear and tear. Living in a project house can be exhausting and sometimes discouraging.

Looking at the list of projects and knowing that we can’t even start to tackle them yet can sometimes leave us frustrated and overwhelmed. “What were we thinking?” “What are we even doing here?”

We have had those moments where the weight of it all seems to feel crushing and we are ready to call it quits.

Do you know what normally gets us out of those moments? Emily or I will remind each other of where we came from. A little shift in perspective goes a long way. Rather than focusing on all that we have yet to do, reminding ourselves of everything we’ve already done can turn things around. A reminder that our old house, as great as it was, was just too small for our family. Sure it was great to have all four kids share one room, but they were so small back then. Two of the kids are already taller