We’re all students of the Word…

Updated: Feb 14

Happy New Year! A new year often brings a new start. We all know that the turning of a new year doesn’t remove all our old troubles. That’s sometimes a difficult truth to grasp. Yes, that means some of those same issues or problems we had last year are going to follow us to the next. However, the beauty about the new year is that it sparks a new hope for what’s next. Just as some of our troubles stick with us into this new year, Jesus chooses to walk with us into the new year as well. What wonderful hope we have in a God who stays present with us!

If you know me just a little bit, you probably know that I hang with students. Specifically, 6th – 12th grade students. You know, the middle and high school ones! My career is wrapped up into getting to know students, their families, and helping them connect with God. Being a student is a unique time in life. If you could, take a minute and just reflect on your time as a student in 6th – 12th grade. The friendships, the schooling, and all the responsibilities. Probably the coolest part of my job is watching students grow. Not only grow in height or academic knowledge, but grow in understanding and in their faith in Christ. However, in my many years of student ministry I’ve realized something. When it comes down to it, we’re all students. We’re all students of the Word of God. We are all lifelong learners on a journey of connecting with God and growing in our faith. We sit under the authority of Jesus and we look to His Word to lead and guide us. We look to God’s word to teach us how to live a life that’s honoring to Him.