100 Random Thoughts From The Staff

Updated: Feb 14

Happy 100th blog post!!

In honor of this bloggiversary milestone,

here are 100 random thoughts from the Hope Church staff:

  1. Jesus loves you

  2. Our grass is maintained by a volunteer

  3. Laurie loves cats

  4. The bible is a true story

  5. We love Christmas, but preparing for services brings a lot of stress

  6. We think about you ALL THE TIME

  7. Please don't get mad or offended if we don't always answer our phones

  8. Beauty and art were God's idea first!

  9. We try to eat healthily - you make it hard! :)

  10. Sunday morning is one hour - what are you doing with the rest?

  11. You don't have to have a reason for a bounce house (or a bingo night)

  12. We "major on the majors"

  13. Spiritual disciplines aren't easy for us either

  14. God loves us too

  15. We don't work on Fridays... except when it's Christmas Eve, like this year 🎄

  16. Don't get your theology from music…look in your bible!

  17. The average person attends church twice a month

  18. MOPS - is not for only moms of a preschooler but moms that have children 6 & under

  19. Hope Wednesday is fun!

  20. Staff loves homemade cookies (see #9)

  21. Deanna loves anything creepy crawly

  22. We need volunteers for Christmas

  23. Matt keeps M&M’s in his office for Laurie for an emergency

  24. We have feelings

  25. Shelby is the glue that holds the office together

  26. Mark can juggle

  27. We love what we do

  28. Invite your friend to church

  29. We actually do work more than 1 day a week

  30. Dave Clarke yells at staff

  31. Laurie’s dream is to have a little potty for the littles

  32. We depend on you sharing our online content

  33. No, Laurie does not like cats

  34. It takes a lot more than you think to pull off a Sunday

  35. Laurie has a huge nametag ball with kid's discarded nametags

  36. We miss you when you aren't here

  37. A lot happens behind the scenes - we work full-time

  38. We need your prayers

  39. Working at a church sounds great, but it's actually kind of messy sometimes (see 38)

  40. Our spouses do a lot behind the scenes (and sometimes on the scene) to support us & the church

  41. Vacation Bible School is the “funnest” week of the year.

  42. We want you to be in our Facebook Groups

  43. Our team is on mission & we think about how to reach more people all the time

  44. We try to take a Sabbath day, but it ain't on Sunday

  45. Even though you didn't see us on-site while we were shut down during COVID, we were working very hard to creatively stay connected & stay on top of things as they developed. Many prayers were prayed, many tears were shed, many plans were made and many attempts were made to keep serving the church.

  46. “Give thanks in all circumstances.”