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Schedule Overload

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Over the past two weeks our family has been in the chaotic rush to get back in the swing of school. Orientations, Dr. visits, school shopping, lunch packing, first days, etc. It can be an exhausting whirlwind with school and fall schedules starting back up. Thankfully the first week of school is almost behind us and we have begun to slip back into the normal routine of fall.

As parents we want the best for our kids, and in our attempt to raise up well-rounded successful children it is easy to become overwhelmed with all that is expected of us. Not only do our kids need to do well at school, which means time spent with homework and special projects for class…. but we also feel the pressure to introduce them to new activities and clubs/organizations. We want to make sure our kids have the experiences that will help them in the future; so sign them up for sports and music lessons….. Oh, and don’t forget that we can’t settle for successful athletic geniuses… they better be social as well so better make room in the schedule for friends/parties and other events. With only one child this can be exhausting, let alone multiple kids.

Don’t forget that, while all of these things are good, and can be very helpful in your child’s life, too much can lead to burnout and fatigue (both for the kids and parents). So as school and the fall season begin; in the midst of your schedule, make it a point to be together as a family. Maybe it is one night a week that you schedule for yourself. Protect that time and use it to simply be together. Whatever that looks like for you. Make it a point in the busy schedules to have a meal together, a family game night. While the weather is still nice, maybe you go to a park, or go for a walk… The point is, do whatever it is that you do as a family together.

When they are grown, your children may not remember every single thing you let them be involved in, but they will remember that they were loved by you. That they mattered enough that in the midst of your busy schedule of life; you made them a priority, and wanted to spend time with them.

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