Good Friday

Updated: Feb 14

Good Friday is meaningful in such different ways for me year after year. God seems to always answer my prayer - that I walk through Lent with Him and see new aspects of what it was like for Jesus those last few weeks of His earthly life. One particular year the new aspect He gave me just knocked me off my feet. And the impact continues to pave into my heart the hugeness of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

Our daughter Mikayla was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer at the age of 8. She started her 2nd 4 day in-hospital round of chemotherapy on March 31 and that was the round that really started wreaking havoc on her little body. By the 10th day home from the hospital Mikayla began showing signs of low platelets. Because of chemo she had been vomiting daily and it started to get bloody. She had her first bloody nose and then I saw bruises start developing on her legs for no real good reason. We headed to Blank Children’s Hospital to check her levels and sure enough she was going to need platelets. They moved us to their infusion center, hooked her up and started slowly dripping platelets into our girl’s port and body. We sat back to watch a movie and then shockingly she yelled out - and I will never forget - with such intensity, “It’s itching! It’s itching all over my legs!” When I pulled up her pant legs I found huge welts rising as I watched. I literally screamed, with equal in