Lessons from Small Town, USA

Updated: Feb 14

Hanna City, Illinois, founded 1882, population 1200 (and maybe a few stray dogs & cats).

Recently, I visited my mom to work on a project at her house with my brother. We spent the weekend there and on Saturday morning I got up and went for a run around the town. It wasn’t my normal favorite place, the Heritage Trail in Dubuque, but it was like a walk down memory lane.

A state highway runs through the center of town & there are 6 main streets that cross the highway and make up the heart of town. To get my 4 mile run in I had to run down almost all of them. There was the little house I lived in before I was 10 years old, the grade school I walked to every day as a young boy, the dinky post office, the church we attended growing up, Gil’s Supper Club and The Hog Trof (I’ll explain what that is later).

It was a strange feeling running past the homes of childhood friends and the little baseball diamond at the Sportsmen’s Club where I played little league (I wasn’t very good at baseball).