Why on earth would I serve there?

Updated: Feb 14

After college, I was a single twenty-something living and going to church by myself. As I had always done, I gravitated toward serving in music ministry at my church. This was my thing – my place to serve. I was confident there, my passion was there, and I believed I had something to offer.

One day after practice but before our service, I wandered down to the Kid’s ministry area looking for someone. I’m a little ashamed to say that up until that day (mind you, I had been attending this church for a good two years at that point) I had never once set foot in the children’s area. I had no reason to! I mean, I had no kids, I wasn’t serving there, and it was in a part of the building that you’d never go to unless you were specifically going for one of those reasons.

But I was pretty impressed with what I saw…colorful posters on the walls, all kinds of craft supplies and other fun “kid’s ministry” items. I made a comment to the children’s pastor who happened to be down there. “Wow, I’ve never been down here before. It’s pretty cool!” She responded, “Really?! Well, you should come down more often, maybe you can serve sometime!” “Yeah, maybe!” I said.

But in my mind I thought, “Yeah, probably not. I mean, I don’t have kids, I don’t know anything about teaching or taking care of kids, and I already do so much with music. Why on earth would I serve there?” Little did I know that God would keep reminding me of that interaction as He took me through some humbling seasons with serving in other churches.