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Elder Highlight: Ben Beard

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Dear Hope Church,

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me and my family. Many of you know my wife Martha through her time in MOPS and various other ministries. We have four wonderful and unique children, Josephine, Harper, Julien, and Ethan.

Martha and I relocated our family to Dubuque from Chicago in 2011 and quickly found Dubuque, and in particular the Hope Church Family, to be a warm and welcoming community for our family. We have enjoyed ‘rolling up our sleeves’ and jumping in to serve the church family in different ways.

I have participated in several ministries at Hope Church including the Men’s Ministry, the weekend Children’s Ministry, Men’s Christian Retreat Weekend, and the Youth Ministry, where I currently help teach middle and high schoolers at the Roshek Campus.

As an Architect with Straka Johnson Architects I have had the honor of helping to plan and design the Roshek Campus where my family attends church on Sundays. We originally started attending this campus when it was located in Blades Chapel at UD, coincidentally where Martha and I were married in 2007.

When I’m not practicing Architecture, I enjoy spending time with my family. If we aren’t hiking, camping, or birding, we are likely doing something outdoors.

In closing, I am humbled to walk in Christ with you in my capacity as an Elder and look forward to meeting and serving you.


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